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Baseball & Softball Batting Cages in Waverly, NE

Baseball and softball players in the Waverly, NE area can sharpen their skills—whether in-season or out of it—by stepping inside one of our batting cages! With the help of the state-of-the-art HitTrax system making adjustments on the fly and seeing real time pitching with the Hack Attack pitching machine, we’re positive you’ll be ready for next season after working with The WAVE!

Batting Cages

On top of our 70×70 turf area, we have six retractable batting cages for baseball and softball players to practice, whether they’re in-season or looking for a workout during the off-season. Cages can be equipped with L-screens, batting tees, and buckets of baseballs and softballs. Depending on space needed, our batting cages can be split up in two, giving us 12 batting cages to work within, which allows more lessons and more reps taken!

Cage reservations are at no cost to members. Non-membership cage rental is $20 for 30 minutes and $35 for 60 minutes.


Getting better shouldn’t be impossible. Thanks to HitTrax, it won’t be! As the only facility in Waverly, NE with the HitTrax system installed, batting practice and throwing sessions at The WAVE will go from just your everyday batting practice and bullpen to an in-depth view of your mechanics.

With the help of HitTrax, baseball and softball players can get instantaneous feedback on what they’re doing right—or wrong—and quickly make adjustments. Whether you’re opening your hips too early, dropping your elbow, or your hands aren’t getting through the zone, HitTrax is there to help you understand what’s going wrong.

HitTrax cage reservations are at no cost to members. Non-membership cage rental is $30 for 30 minutes and $50 for 60 minutes.


Hit at Any Stadium

On top of being an elite coaching tool, HitTrax also makes hitting in the cages fun. Stadiums from the MLB, Japan league, and more are built into the system as a way to let you “hit” at one of your favorite stadiums and test your skills to see just how far you can hit!

Graphic detail | The WAVE Training Facility
Youth softball player | The WAVE Training Facility
Youth baseball player | The WAVE Training Facility
graphic detail | The WAVE Training Facility

Baseball & Softball Lessons

Looking for more personalized instruction? The WAVE offers individual and group baseball and softball lessons, which are led by instructors who are ready to help athletes achieve their full potential. No more guessing if what you’re doing is right. Get the feedback you need from the people who know best!

Simply reserve a time online or from your phone to set up your next lesson! Please check with us as pricing can vary by instructor experience as well as individual vs group training.

Hack Attack Pitching Machine

Hitting in the cage can become a little mundane when not facing live pitching, but that’s where the Hack Attack pitching machine comes in! With the help of the Hack Attack, baseball and softball players can step up to the plate and become better at reading different pitch types at full speed.

These machines are perfect for growing players who are beginning to see breaking balls and off-speed pitches so they can learn to recognize a pitch faster. Worried about speed? The Hack Attack machines can be set up to match the speed of the game that you’re comfortable with, ensuring players of all levels can utilize this tool in their everyday training!


Looking for an easier way to use batting cages in Waverly, NE? Sign up for one of our individual or family memberships to easily reserve hitting times so that you can come into your next baseball or softball season ready!

Contact The WAVE

Get your next season underway early inside of the batting cages at The WAVE! Send our team a message or give us a call today to set up your first session.

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*WAVE membership entitles you to 24/7 access to the WAVE facility

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